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I’m Walking….

I remember as a kid watching the 1937 Shirley Temple classic “Heidi”. It became an instant favorite of mine with characters including Grandfather, Aunt Dete, Goat Peter, Klara, and Fraulein Rottenmeier. By the way, if you haven’t seen this movie, I would recommend that you make it a family night! My family and I absolutely love this rendition of Heidi.  Heidi’s Aunt Dete ends up taking Heidi to a house and selling her to a wealthy family. Just plain evil, I know. It is the home is Klara, a young girl who is...


Running -vs- Moving

I’ve done both some running and some moving. Isn’t that the same thing, Jakeetta? Well, technically you are always moving when you run. Even if you are on a treadmill running in place. Yet, you are not always running when you move. Over the years, I’ve learned the difference between the two as well as why one action is better than the other depending on the circumstance. There are many other things that you can run or move on from. I’m sure you’ve heard of or know someone who keeps going from “relationship...


Church Hurt

There was a “funny” trending topic circulating social media a few months ago. The topic – church hurt. I remember thinking how it’s sometimes thought of as amusing for people to fall and hurt themselves. Videos are even made for the purpose of laughing at someone’s possible broken bone and pain. Emotional hurt, though? Still funny? Especially the kind that jeopardizes spirituality and personal relationship with God. Church hurt can cause you to look at professing Christians negatively, hinder church attendance, and even affect your relationship with God. It led to keeping me...