Happy Birthday – What A Blessing!

It’s amazing to me how different what is considered to be a blessing can be from one person to another. Some people think of blessings as wealth. Meanwhile, some consider it a blessing just to be with family even if they have to sleep in one room together. Still others just feel blessed for having beaten cancer or some other illness or disease whether they have family or not. That thing that one may take for granted might be the thing that is to be truly treasured by another. In the same way that if you’ve never missed a meal, then you might not understand why someone who has missed plenty would feel some type of way about clearing a plate from the table that still has food on it.  

I remember being in my twenties and being told that I had high blood pressure. I also remember that for many years I was severely depressed most of the time. I refused to take blood pressure medication when prescribed. Honestly, I wished for death. I didn’t care to live and I was too much of a chicken to end my life myself. Why not just let it happen all on its own? For years I filled my body with substances that only aided in raising my blood pressure. I hated my life, and I had very little love and respect for myself. Death did not come in spite of all that I did and didn’t do.  

Surely you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you! 1 Corinthians 3:16 GNT

I no longer want to harm myself. As I’ve opened my heart to God, I also opened it for my own self-love. For whatever reason God has spared my life despite my recklessness. Today I turned forty years old. While my children call me old, I couldn’t be happier to see another year. What a blessing it is to be amongst the living. When you see me praising and thanking God all the time just know that I’ve got a reason. I could try to tell you all day, but only I know the depths at which He reached down in to deliver me. I have many blessings, but today I celebrate my life and another birthday that God has graciously allowed me to live to see. I pray that He blesses me to able to see many more birthdays. Happy 40th Birthday to me! ✌🏾 & #LOVE


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