I’m Walking….

I remember as a kid watching the 1937 Shirley Temple classic “Heidi”. It became an instant favorite of mine with characters including Grandfather, Aunt Dete, Goat Peter, Klara, and Fraulein Rottenmeier. By the way, if you haven’t seen this movie, I would recommend that you make it a family night! My family and I absolutely love this rendition of Heidi. 

Heidi’s Aunt Dete ends up taking Heidi to a house and selling her to a wealthy family. Just plain evil, I know. It is the home is Klara, a young girl who is wheelchair bound due to an illness. Heidi is to be her playmate. You know you’re rich when you can just buy people. Klara’s dad, the wealthy Herr Sesseman, is constantly away on business. In his absence, he leaves Fraulein Rottenmeier to be Klara’s caregiver.  

Fraulein Rottenmeier, on the exterior appears to be caring and extremely protective of Klara and her needs. Underneath it all though she was only out of herself. She depended on Klara’s handicap for security. Not just job security, but also for a sense of purpose and importance. This was evident in the fact that after it came to knowledge that Heidi had been secretly aiding Klara in rehabilitating the use of her legs, Fraulein Rottenmeier became enraged that her services might no longer be needed. Klara tried to stand up and her caregiver hastened her to sit back down to avoid over-exerting herself instead of praising her attempt at recovery. 

I’ve thought about how when the day started out Klara just knew that she could stand and take steps. She knew of all the hard work and practice she’d been putting in. More than just the mental aspect of knowing, Klara even physically felt capable of getting out of her wheelchair. Yet someone who she trusted and loved was almost able to convince her that she couldn’t and even shouldn’t try to walk again. 

I’m not talking about pretending to be sick for attention or even pretending to be well. I’m talking about working towards rehabilitation only to have your trusted help tell you that there is no hope for your recovery. Also being healed, but having people who depend on your illness try and persuade you to believe that you are still not well. Notice I used the word “try”. It then becomes a matter of faith, will and strength. When God tells you that you will walk again, then there shouldn’t be a sole on earth who can convince you otherwise.

I’m walking now….wait until I start running….

🎶What does my life say about me
Can anyone see
Does it show I rock with the greatest?
I can’t get back the time I spent
Use the rest of it to show all the world how I made it🎶 ~ Mary Mary — I’m Walking

I realized that there were people who depended on my illness. Some were not happy when I decided to get out of my wheelchair and take steps. I would no longer need them in the same capacity. Their purpose in my life would change. Though, I’m sure that it wasn’t as ill-natured as Fraulein Rottenmeier had been. The difference between Klara and I would be making the decision to sit back down or stand up and walk. I now know that I must be careful of people insisting on treating me like an invalid in order to remain “employed” despite the fact that I am healed. I do not apologize. They must find employment elsewhere. 

✌🏾 & #LOVE


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3 Responses

  1. Rufus Cody says:

    I totally get the message.

  2. Curious says:

    I have one question, do you think people treat us based our behavior and what we show them or are people just that cruel to treat us like an invalid?

    • Keetta Calcote says:

      I appreciate your comment/question. I think that some people don’t want others to get well because it means that they will no longer be needed. That was the point. Whether intentional or not? How aware are these individuals that they are in need of another person’s “misery”? I wouldn’t necessarily call it cruelty….more so selfishness. ✌🏾 & #LOVE

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