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Music On My Mind – Part 2: The Diet

My mom had been trying to get me to listen to this Kirk Franklin’s song called “Wanna Be Happy?” for a while. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in her suggestion. The thing is that I had suffered from depression for far too many years, and I was in a situation that my mom felt the lyrics to that song would help prompt me to get out of. Apparently, she believed that I needed to “get out of my own way” as per the song lyrics. I had actually heard this song dozens of times,...


Music On My Mind – Part 1: Speaking of Music 🗣

A song can be comprised of a couple different factors. You have the instrumental part of it. Once you put the beat to a piece it becomes something your body naturally reacts to. Whether it be a fast or slow tempo, anybody can recognize a good beat and/or instrumental. You might find yourself tapping your feet, gyrating, clapping your hands, or snapping your fingers. As optional as it may be, lyrics can also be added to help make up a song. This is the message that song writers and musicians what to convey...